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Paul Nash 1889-1946

Selective Print Bibliography for Paul Nash

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One-Man Exhibitions

1912 London. Carfax & Co. Drawings by Paul Nash.

1913. London. Dorien Leigh Gallery. Drawings by Paul Nash.

1917. London. Goupil Gallery. Drawings made in the Ypres Salient by Paul Nash

1917. Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Drawings by Paul Nash.

1918. London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. "Void of War" Exhibition of pictures by  Lieut. Paul Nash (an official artist on the Western Front) Prefatory note by Arnold Bennett.

1919. London. 9 Fitzroy Street. Drawings by Paul Nash.

1924 London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. Paintings and Water-colours by Paul  Nash.

1925. London. Mayor Gallery. Watercolours by Paul Nash.

1927. London. Warren Gallery. Recent Watercolours and Drawings by Paul Nash.

1928. London. Redfern Gallery. Engravings on Wood, 1919-1928 by Paul Nash.

1928 London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. Paintings and water-colours by Paul  Nash (By arrangement with the London Artists' Association)

1931. Oxford Arts Club. Retrospective Exhibition of Work by Paul Nash 1910-1931.

1931 Batsford Gallery. Page and Scene Designs by Paul Nash

1932 London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. Water-colour drawings by Paul Nash.

1935. London. Redfern Gallery. Paul Nash.

1937. London. Redfern Gallery. Watercolours, Drawings, Collages and Objects by Paul Nash.

1937. Curwen Gallery. Paul Nash Industrial Designs and Book Decorations.

1938. London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. Exhibition of recent work by Paul Nash.

1939. London. Arthur Tooth & Sons. New Paintings by Paul Nash.

1939. Cambridge. Gordon Fraser Gallery. Oils, Watercolours, and Exhibits by Paul Nash.

1942. London. Redfern Gallery. Paul Nash. New Watercolours and Others of Various Dates

1943. Leeds. Temple Newsam House. Paintings and Drawings by Paul Nash

1943. CEMA Touring Exhibition. Applied Design 1908-1942 by Paul Nash.

1945. London. Arthur Tooth & Sons. New Watercolours by Paul Nash

1945. Cheltenham Gallery. Paintings, Drawings and Designs by Paul Nash.

1948. London. Tate Gallery and the Arts Council. Paul Nash. A Memorial Exhibition.

1949. Oxford Arts Club. Watercolours and Drawings by Paul Nash.

1951. London Arts Council. Paul Nash's Camera.

1953 London. Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. Water-colours and drawings by Paul Nash.

1959. Oxford. St. Hilda's College. Paintings and Watercolours by Paul Nash

1961. London. Redfern Gallery. Paul Nash

1970. London. Hamet Gallery. Paul Nash 1889-1946

1971. Newcastle upon Tyne. Northern Arts Gallery. Paul Nash 1889-1946

1973. London. Hamet Gallery. Paul Nash 1889-1946 Drawings and Watercolours

1973. London. Tate Gallery. Paul Nash's Photographs, Document and Image.

1973. London. Alexander Postan Fine Art. Paul Nash. Watercolours, Drawings and Prints from "Urne Burial  and the Garden of Cyrus"

1974 Oxford. Museum of Modern Art. Paul Nash's Photographs with some Watercolours.

1974 Edinburgh. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Paul Nash 1889-1946

1975. London. Tate Gallery. Paul Nash Paintings and Watercolours.

1975. London. Victoria and Albert Museum. Paul Nash as a Designer.


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